"Bellinger 7 Films, & Adept Films Inc. employed hundreds of Houston area residents, allowing them to pursue their dreams of acting. And greatly adding to the business economy in the City of Houston. I give the highest gratitude & recommendation".

Shelia Jackson Lee

​Member of United States Congress

"Not only a highly talented movie Producer. But someone who is highly respected by their peers. And that speaks volumes for the kind of man and Director/Producer he is". 

Jackie Washington

U.S. Olympic Athlete 

​"A talented Producer, trustworthy & wonderful human being, that's  the description I would have to use.  He has been my friend for over 18 years".


David Ramsey


"A trusted Advisor, Friend and Brother. I can proudly say that I have known no finer person (personally or professionally) in whom I could implicitly trust".  

ILL. Quinton B. Fisher, S.G.C

Excelsior Supreme Council - AASR

Adept Films  Incorporated