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Player's School is a comedy about 3 under acheving College Freshmen, who trade off their material possessions to their towns' most notorious ladies man in exchange for game skills on becoming a player. Through their player field trips, mishaps, broken dreams and hard knocks, they come to learn... All that glitters ain't necessarily gold & that sometimes, the treasures you have (family, friends, health & the spiritual things that can't be acquired with money or game), are far better than the pipe dream the World are trying to sell the.


CAST: Tom Green, David Ramsey, Michael Colyar, Paul Wall, Kurtis Blow, Brooke Bailey (Basket Ball Wives), Ladies from Flavor of Love/Charm School, Shay & Amina (Love & Hip Hop), Buffie The Body and Justin Agudelo.

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Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips, Joeseph Siegel, Blaise Louembe,

Larry Johnson, Charlie Bellinger, Ralph LaVeaux, Etop Akpon, Enup Finbar


Greg Carter & Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips


Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips, Joeseph Siegel


Holly Davidson, Daryl Cox, Jessica jimerson, Tamika Johnson